Annelies and I, we started our cold drip journey a year ago without knowing what an impact it would have on our daily lives. We both kept our day-2-day jobs, combining parenthood, a house renovation and still try got get some time of for ourselves. The last months have been crazier than ever.

But even within the craziness, hecticness and avalanche of to dos, we manage. And we manage well, if I say so.
We’ll let you in on some our tips :

1) Support. If you decide to launch yourself in a project, make sure you have the support of your significant other. Late hours, discussion, setbacks,… are easier to cope with together than with an ‘I told you so’
2) Take your time to plan. Even for 30 minutes a week : plan on what you will do when, even your spare time. Sunday 8-10 ? Work. Sunday 10-16? Family. Sunday 16-17? Follow up renovation. Sunday 17 – 20 ? Family.  Do this and you will be more focussed on priorities.
3) Help. Don’t be to proud to ask for help where possible : friends, family,… We are very, VERY, lucky we have the best family and friends that are able to provide us with help and advise. 
4) Look for things that energise you. No, not just Insurgent Cold Drip Coffee. Go for a balanced diet, a healthy sleeping rhytm, taking a break once in a while, getting some fresh air, broaden your scope, spending time with people you love.

We are not planning experts or life coaches… But these are the things that really help us dealing with the daily struggle.

Annelies en Vic