Cold Drip Coffee

Wat is Cold Drip Coffee? 

Cold Drip Coffee is coffee that is produced from water dripping through fresh, roughly ground coffee beans. The water takes around 18h of dripping to become a Cold Drip Coffee.

Our Cold Drip process is using more coffee beans (per liter) than a normal 'hot' coffee. That's the reason why the caffeine content of Insurgent is 2-3 times higher than a normal coffee and why Insurgent sparks an energy and focus boost

We use ice cold water when we produce through the Cold Drip process. This is the reason why certain oils stay behind in the beans and Insurgent is up to 70% less acidic and less bitter than a normal cofee.

Insurgent is an ice coffee of the new generation : no artificial or added ingredients (like sugar). Only coffee of the highest quality and water. Insurgent is 100% clean and natural

Enkele primeurs :
Insurgent is het allereerste Belgische Cold Drip merk. 
Insurgent Orange Ginger is de allereerste met fruit infused Cold Drip.
Innovators! #trots

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