Drip 'n Tonic (Blood Orange/Cinnamon) (6 servings)

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Mix an Insurgent Black Brazil with Lixir's Blood Orange/Cinnamon Tonic and you get a fresh, mildly bitter and invigorating mocktail, with notes of cinnamon and orange. Be sure to serve with ice and a slice of orange for the ideal serving. Delicious, fresh and a healthy alternative to a (non-alcoholic) Gin Tonic.
On average the Drip 'n Tonic is also lower in sugar (13gr) and lower in calories (52kcal) per mocktail (325ml) than a standard soda or well known mocktails like Virgin Mojito or Crodino Tonic.

6 bottles of Insurgent Black Brazil + 6 bottles of Lixir Premium Tonic Blood Orange Cinnamon

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