We are Annelies and Vic. We are Insurgent

Our Insurgent story began, without us realising it, on 13/03/202. Friday the 13th. The day of the lockdown.

After a hectical period to get our daily jobs organised for the lockdown period (Annelies is a teacher, Vic is marketing manager for a company in the restaurant-business) , we entered into a period of decompression. A period of unintentional free time because of partial economical unemployment.

Doing nothing is something we can't do. As passionate foodlovers, we started to read and tried more foodtrends in the market. Among others, we also started with Intermittent Fasting. 

To keep our options open, we started to look for alternative products for water and hot coffee to drink in our fasting window, but also for products that kept our energy level up. 

And there it was, we found the product that immediately got our attention : cold drip coffee. A (ice)cold coffee, that sparks an energy boost because of the higher caffeine content. That has a pure, intense coffee flavour without the acidity and bitterness. That can be seen as a healthy, mature 'energy drink' without artificial or added ingredients. Yes, we were sold to concept of cold drip coffees. But... we couldn't find any on the Belgian market. 

The entrepreneurs within us took over. And here we are, almost 1 year after that Friday the 13, with Insurgent Cold Drip. An (ice) cold coffee of the new generation. The first Belgian brand of Cold Drip Coffees. Our passion. Our product. Let's go.

Let’s go.