Get sh!t done.

Getting sh!t done is the only way to improve, get better, help others, … Stop procrastinating and go for it.

November and December have never been more busy for us than in 2020. We decided to launch an awesome brand and ditto products. From picking samples, to contacting partners and having tasting-sessions : we did it! 

Even more so : we are almost ready for the launch in February 2021!
We got sh!t done.


It is our belief that people sometimes need an energy- or focus-boost because of different reasons : an important meeting, bad night’s rest, afternoon dip, kickstarting a match, making budgets, creating artworks,…
Sometimes you might just need a small push in the back to get your sh!t done.

Products helping you get sh!t done are often products from the same energy drink category ; containing sugar, “aroma’s”, e numbers and other additives.

On the other hand, you might think COFFEE! However, you might not always have the time for a hot cup. Or you can’t stand the natural acidity of hot coffee. Or maybe you just want to taste the pure origin taste of coffee.

Insurgent Cold Drip Coffee offers you a product that is 70% less acidic, with a caffeine content that is twice as high as a normal coffee. With only clean ingredients and no additives: just the best and sustainably sourced coffee and pure water.

The taste of our Cold Drip BLACK is coffee like you (probably) never experienced before : the medium roast of the beans and cold extraction of the coffee makes sure the origin taste of the coffee is kept, while adding a slightly burned coffee flavour.

What about caffeine and health? Coffee and caffeine is good for you, with moderation. The caffeine content of 1 bottle of Insurgent Black 125ml, contains on average around 107gr of caffeine. We advise you not to consume more than 2 bottles a day. For more scientific research on caffeine:

We are so proud to launch a product that is clean, honest, pure in taste and makes you get sh!t done!

I hope you love it as much as we do.

We are Insurgent. Let’s go.