So what’s our story?

Everyone has been, and still is, impacted by the Covid-crisis. Suddenly teachers were home schooling and people within the Horeca-sector got (partially) technically unemployment.
And yes, this happened to us as well.

Suddenly, we found ourselves being home all the time with too much spare time. Spare time. Spare time. Well… no!

Luckily we both share passion for food and drinks, for coffee, for entrepreneurship…

From reading about cold drip coffee, being convinced by the product until launching our own brand. Wow. How fast things went. Launching our Insurgent Cold Drip as a passion during Covid, launching it as side project in combination with our daytime job means a lot of late night hours. Saturdays and Sundays… : all done with love, conviction and passion. Giving us even more energy than Insurgent does. I can’t believe what a good team we make, Annelies and I. Husband and wife. The dreamer and the realist. Ying and yang.

The hours I can invest on top in Insurgent, is only possible because of your care for our home, for our family, for Delphine (our daughter).

What started as an origin story for Insurgent, is ending up being a love declaration for you, Annelies Goossens. 

Let’s continue this energising story together.

We are Insurgent.