Let’s make a blog post on drinks. We’ll give you our first set of classics.

On the rocks : The easiest one. Fill a glass with ice cubes, big ice cubes – no crushed ice. Pour Insurgent on the ice cubes, stir for 5-10 seconds and enjoy.

Drip ’n Juice : My new favorite morning booster. A bottle of Insurgent Cold Drip + 10cl of fresh orange juice. Say what? Yes ! The acidity, fruitiness of the orange juice fits the chocolate-y, coffee aroma of Insurgent perfectly.

Insurgent Iced Maple Latte : We tried different versions of iced lattes but we settled for this one. Pour 2-3cl of maple syrup on the bottom of the glass. Add 2-3 big ice cubes. Afterwards, add 12cl of whole milk and top it off with a full bottle of Insurgent Cold Drip. (if you are lactose intolerant, use almond milk instead). The more you stir, the sweeter your latte becomes.

Cold Dessert Drip : Another one for the sweet lovers among us. Fill the bottom of a glass with condensed milk. Pour a full bottle of Insurgent over it. Stir among your taste : the more you stir, the sweeter it gets. 


Drip ’n Tonic : an alcohol-free alternative of the Gin ’n Tonic. Use a bottle of Insurgent, mix it with a fruity tonic, add 2 drops of orange bitters and some orange zest. In case you want to round off the bitterness, add 2cl of almond syrup.

Espresso Martini : One of the most classical coffee cocktails, with our twist : 3cl of vanilla-infused vodka, 2cl kahlua, 6cl Insurgent, 2,5cl of egg white. Top it off with 3 coffee beans.

Drip ’n Stormy : Our alternative to the summer classic Dark ’n Stormy. Fill a long drink glass with ice cubes. Use 5cl of dark rum, add 10cl of Insurgent and 10cl of Ginger Ale. Top of with a slice of lime. Oh, yes.

Enjoy !