Insurgent Black Brazil. The same process, the same advantages but different coffee beans.

The coffee for our Brazil is coming from Fazenda Coimbra, a farm that’s a pioneer in agroforestry. This farm has 15 fixed employees and during harvesting time, it goes up to 60. All the harvesting is done manually, making sure only the best coffee beans are selected. The coffee itself is intercropped with Australian Cedars and African Mahoganies, whose shades are essential for the coffee.

The farm itself does not focus on increasing production. Their main goal is to increase, harvest after harvest, the quality in each step of the process : from the field up to the post-harvest. The vision of the farm is to be a point of reference in agroforestry, quality and sustainable pricing!

Why does the farm wants to invest in agroforestry? It’s a goal for the farm to stop deforestation and preserves forests. Thanks to the forrest, the farm saw a decrease in crop pest, restoration of the environmental balance and the return of exotic species.