OK… If you still think coffee is bad for you, you really need to be following Social Media channels more. Coffee, and caffeine, in the right amount makes you sharper, more focused, more energetic, and happier

But did you also know that coffee stimulates weight loss? Wait… what? Yes, it stimulates weight loss in multiple ways. 
– coffee accelerates your metabolism by up to 11%.
– coffee stimulates fatburning by up to 29%.
– coffee will reduce your craving for snacks and sweets.

Some tips on when to drink, with the purpose of losing weight : 
– an hour after lunch.
– instead of a snack at 16pm.
– half an hour before your workout

Important to keep in mind for the weight loss :
– do not consume more than 400mg per day. That’s 3-4 Insurgent Bottles of 125ml.
– drink your Insurgent Cold Drip pure , do not add milk/cream/chocolate/caramel/marsh mellows or others to it.
– drink Insurgent Cold Drip AND eat healthy, sleep well to really lose weight.

Let’s go.