Horeca Expo… 

It’s already been a couple of weeks, but what a great experience it was: our first Horeca Expo presence as exhibitor. We’ve learned so much about the positioning of Insurgent in potential markets and met so much potential bars/restaurants owners for future collaborations. We dare to say that with Insurgent Cold Drip, we can fill a gap in different needs states for our clients and consumers.

From being a pure energy and focus-booster for people needing a direct ‘shot’, to a refreshing thirst quencher and easy-to-make mocktail with tonic or ginger ale, to a great ingredient of a coffee cocktail: all the stand visitors were surprised by the smooth, pure taste of Cold Drip Coffee. We are convinced we have a great product in our hands, with multiple needs we can fulfill. So do no hesitate and try Insurgent , Insurgent Infused or our Espresso Martini. Give us a call or mail us (vic@insurgent.be) for B2B condition. 

However; we can’t write about Horeca Expo without mentioning our neighbours in the Start-Up ally. One by one amazing people, with amazing products and a passion for what they do. We’ll list them for you.



They make premixed cocktails and mocktails. Yes, but not the shitty kind of premixes. They are REALLY, REALLY good. Give them a call if you need really good cocktails for your party. (I can highly recommend the Gin Swizzle)

Visit them on : www.tastepanache.be

(photo taken from Panache Website, copyright Panache)


A ginger adventure, but not just another ginger drink. Dzjing is a combination of ginger and lime with a lot of different herbs (which Jeffrey refused to reveal) : the result is a very, VERY pleasant ginger drink that works excellent as part in your tea and even in mocktails/cocktails with Insurgent. Yes, we tried that. It’s awesome.
What we love about Dzjing ? It’s pleasant sweet and sour, which is ideal as a hot tea, and only gives you that ginger crisp at the end… Just perfect. 

Buy online at : https://dzjing.be/

(photo from Dzjing Instagram)


 Not yet launched, but so close… We talk about candy, based on fruit and veggies without added sugar… Right up our alley and beliefs. Me gusta.

Candy, but without guilt. What could be better?

Give them a visit on : https://tamini.be/

Las Vegan

Well… Matthieu told us he had been working on Las Vegan for 2 years,  but what a result?! Great tasting sauces, classics AND innovative flavors like Mr Cheeze, Mavocado, Ruby;  an innovative packaging and cool branding. Best part of it all? All vegan without any sacrifice of taste.

There is a big chance Las Vegan will soon be sold from Belgium to Las Vega(n)s. 

Mad Max

“Do you like spicy food?” I must have heard it about a 100 times next to me. Normal, because our direct neighbour was Mad Max. (yes, the founder’s name is also Max). But why Mad Max? Is it mad to add Ghost Peppers (1.2mio on Scoville scale) to olive oil? Maybe. Is it mad to add even more peppers (in a blend) to this oil? Yes. Hence, Mad Max : an awesome oil to add to your pizza, spaghetti, salad, hummus,… to make it really spicy without losing the flavor of the dish. It’s spicy, really spicy. Seriously. It’s spicy

Find them on https://www.madmaxspicy.com/

(picture from madmax instagram page)


Qualitative sparkling wines, bottled in cans. How we wish summer was neverending and pic-nics were omnipresent. 
They have both a white and a rosé variant. We can’t chose. We like them both.

Order them on https://salute-drinks.com/nl/

(Picture from salute website)


What we know about Kombucha? Fermented tea, but that is as far as our knowledge goes… We do coffee, not tea.
But what we also know, is that Lowieze made a darn good product : all natural and very low in alcohol, very refreshing and pleasantly sour. 

Discover her Kombucha on https://www.selianscob.be/

(picture from Selia&Scob website)


Last (but not the least) of our neighbours. The products of Deborah and Kevin are so, so good. Proteins not based on quorn or soy, like most of the vegan ‘meat’ alike, but based on more tasty, more surprising ingredients. 
As for myself, I’m in love with their vegan nuggets. In love.


(picture from veganery website)

Love, Annelies and Vic